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  • Better than 0.05% linearity

  • 500A:250mA or 2000:1 ratio


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    The CTI-500 is a stand alone Toroid normally used in our IsoBlock I-ZF for high accuracy.
    These are closed  loop  (compensated)  current  transducer  using  Zero Flux technology
    For higher usability they have a LED indicator confirms normal operation and a large
    aperture to simplify installation of conductors.

    The CTI-500 is also the perfect match to some AcuDC devices.

    Flux Gate Methodology

    The IsoBlock I-FG-4C uses Flux-Gate methodology to measure the current flowing through the input conductor. This technique works by placing a toroid with a high number of turns (secondary) around the input current path (primary), while a close-loop circuitry controls the current through the secondary to null out the magnetic field inside the toroid. The input current is then obtained by multiplying the current from the control circuitry by the number of turns of the secondary. This is followed by an anti-aliasing filter and a conditioning stage to output a ±5V signal.