Entube DE

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Differential Voltage Divider

  • ±1500V input dynamic range on each terminal (line-to-line and line-to-ground)
  • ±5V or ±10V output dynamic range (differential plus common mode)
  • DC to 25kHz frequency spectrum of operation
  • Sensor works without the need for a power supply
  • 5000V withstanding surge voltage for 10 seconds
  • Designed for interfacing with differential input DAQs
  • Industrial grade casing, 100% electronic technology


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The Entube-de series is a family of voltage transducers designed for high quality differential measurements in a very compact form factor, and without need for power supplies. This series covers the ranges of ±50V to ±1500V with up to 50kHz bandwidth and up to 0.2% of signal accuracy.  

The module outputs all line-to-line and line-to-ground signal pairs. Delta or Wye measurements can be made depending on the input configuration of the digitizer being used (NRSE or Differential). 

Flux Gate Methodology

The IsoBlock I-FG-4C uses Flux-Gate methodology to measure the current flowing through the input conductor. This technique works by placing a toroid with a high number of turns (secondary) around the input current path (primary), while a close-loop circuitry controls the current through the secondary to null out the magnetic field inside the toroid. The input current is then obtained by multiplying the current from the control circuitry by the number of turns of the secondary. This is followed by an anti-aliasing filter and a conditioning stage to output a ±5V signal.

Differential Divider

The Entube-de sensor operates as a differential divider RC-network with an anti-aliasing filter on its output. It generates a ±5V or ±10V scaled down version of the difference between the two input voltages, which can then be processed by a computer-based measurement system.

Ultra-compact form factor

The Entube-de is part of Verivolt’s sensing platform, which is aimed at allowing users to laid out multiple distributed sensors with a minimum of cabling required and no power supplies. This platform together with the Entube-de ultra-compact form factor, allows for very high channel densities, while delivering high performance for a low cost.