IsoBlock V-1c

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Voltage Sensor Module with Galvanic Isolation

  • 3 Way Galvanic isolation
  • 1,400V sustained and 5,000V for 1 min
  • DC to 100kHz Bandwidth
  • Simple setup
  • Drop in Voltage Sensing to channel isolation to any DAQ
  • DIN rail fixturing for fast setup

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  • Input Voltage
  • Output Voltage
  • Accuracy
  • Bandwidth
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The IsoBlock V-1c has been designed to provide high-quality isolated differential voltage measurements for applications requiring scaling of high voltages, as well as superior isolation.

Each IsoBlock V unit hosts an isolated channel that can be connected to separate measurement sources while providing a range of functional coverage up to 1500V. The input has its own isolated reference and can be configured to suit user needs.  The output signal from the IsoBlock unit is referenced in respect to the ground channel of the user’s data acquisition system. 

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Three-Way Isolation

The IsoBlock V modules provide a three-way galvanic isolation:

  • Channel to Channel

  • Primary to Secondary

  • Signal to Power

This galvanic barrier prevents unwanted currents from flowing along the circuit and adds a level of protection as well as allows to operate grounds with different potentials.

100% Electronic Technology

 The use of advanced analog design and advanced materials makes devices more compact, reliable and cost effective. Our designs reduce the footprint and impact in the environment as more friendly materials are used.

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High Input Impedance & Low Output Impedance

Verivolt IsoBlock V devices have a high input impedance to reduce the unwanted effects of adding a load to a source. Also, the high input impedance increases device safety. The output is low to enable run long wires between the sensor modules and Data Acquisition devices.

High-Common Mode Rejection

 The smart design of the isolation barrier is able to remove most common mode present in at the input. As a result you get a cleaner output regardless of unwanted ground shifts or even AC components present at the input as common mode.

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Surge Protection

The IsoBlock V devices are designed to survive and protect other equipment against harmful voltage surges. These depend on the duration but can go as high as 20x the rated measurement range for up to 5 microseconds.

IsoBlock V devices will cap the outputs to a maximum slightly higher than the output range, saturate and not go over range therefore protecting any connected DAQ.

Custom Filtering Possible

 Verivolt IsoBlock devices have a filtering stage that can be configured during manufacturing and serve as an anti-aliasing filter. This filter is a 3rd order filter and needs to be determined during the ordering.

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Flat Frequency Response

The smart design and advanced materials help signals preserve their characteristics over a wide frequency range. As a result the frequency response is very flat and the roll-off happens in a controlled way with the help of a 3rd order low pass filter. 

High Linearity

The high linearity of the IsoBlock V makes possible to measure over a very wide amplitude range while preserving the nominal ratio. This high linearity associated to great stability and low offset ultimately translates as high accuracy measurements.

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