IsoFlex V

Galvanically Isolated Differential Voltage Sensor
  • 3 Way Galvanic isolation
  • 1,500V sustained and 5,000V peak isolation
  • DC to 100kHz Bandwidth
  • Simple setup
  • Drop in Current Sensing to any DAQ
  • DIN rail fixturing for fast setup

Price and options

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  • Input Range
  • Input Voltage
  • Output Voltage
  • Accuracy
  • Bandwidth

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Accuracy: Standard - 0.2%
Bandwidth: Standard - DC-100kHz

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30-day money-back guarantee
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Meet IsoFlex V – your go-to flexible device where input and output configurations are entirely in your hands, allowing the product to seamlessly adapt to your unique needs. It’s designed to provide high-quality isolated differential voltage measurements for applications requiring scaling of high voltages and superior isolation. Each IsoFlex V unit hosts an isolated channel that can be connected to separate measurement sources while providing a range of functional coverage up to 1500V. 

As a versatile multi-meter like transducer, the IsoFlex V goes beyond conventional limits, allowing you to measure different parameters across various ranges. Verivolt takes pride in the IsoFlex V's design, which prioritizes user flexibility and boasts low power consumption, ensuring an efficient and adaptable solution for diverse measurement needs

Configurable Input and Output Types

Based on your needs, voltage or current, instantaneous or RMS measurements. The output signal from the IsoFlex unit is referenced in respect to the ground channel of the user’s data acquisition system. 

Easy To Configure on Site

Get the flexibility to choose and change voltage range, output type, signal type based on your requirements. 

Three-Way Galvanic Isolation

Each channel of the IsoFlex module has a 3-way galvanic isolation from the input to the output that can eliminate large common mode voltages.