Solar String Monitoring

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Verivolt's voltage and current sensors provide highly accurate, isolated, and stable measurements across an extended temperature range for solar applications. This makes them an ideal choice for monitoring solar farms or characterizing and validating new product platforms.

Solar String Monitoring

Isolation, precision, and temperature stability for 
Solar Monitoring

To optimize the productivity of a solar farm as well as continually improve development of solar panels and inverters, a precise understanding of their power output is crucial. This requires measuring current and voltage at strategic positions within the solar array so that monitoring systems can automatically detect any drops in voltage or current, which may indicate a productivity issue.

To ensure safety, it is imperative that these sensors have high isolation ratings and provide good accuracy. Additionally, since they can be exposed to significant temperature variations, it is essential for them to maintain stability across a wide temperature range

Sensors used throughout the entire Product Life Cycle - from R&D to Production

To address these challenges, Verivolt offers a diverse selection of sensors that cater to these requirements to varying degrees. This enables engineers and designers to choose from a wide range of specifications, ranging from cost-effective solutions suitable for large deployments to highly accurate devices tailored for precision measurements in research and development activities.

For cases that require highly specific solutions, Verivolt's research and development team is also available to assist with custom designs. With decades of experience in sensor technology, they are well-equipped to tackle challenging and unconventional applications.

Key Features

  • Galvanic Isolation
  • High accuracy
  • Stability over temperature range