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Solving Electrical Sensing Today

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Step into the world of Verivolt where products are developed to solve complex sensing challenges

Voltage Sensors

Our broad range of voltage sensors/transducers are developed for accuracy, bandwidth, output, range, and isolation.

Current Sensors

Verivolt offers current sensors/transducers based on the range of sensing technologies that match the high-performance of our voltage sensors


Our Isolators provide best-in-class galvanic isolation that preserve accuracy and signal integrity


Applications powered by Verivolt Sensors

Verivolt voltage and current sensors provide highly accurate, isolated, and stable measurements across an extended temperature range for solar applications. This makes them an ideal choice for monitoring solar farms or characterizing and validating new product platforms.

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Verivolt offers voltage and current sensors used in several EV charger architectures. These sensors/transducers provide the precision, speed, isolation, and support for higher voltage required by the newest and upcoming EV charging system generations.

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Measuring voltage signals accurately in a VFD motor is a challenging application. Typical VFD motor phase voltage measurement requires an ample voltage range, high resolution and high bandwidth. So, choosing the right sensor for your measurement system becomes crucial to obtain useful measurements. Learn about Verivolt's Entube family of sensors used for monitoring a three phase VFD motor.

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About Verivolt

About us


Verivolt is on a mission to help customers electrify the world! We see electrification as a transformative force that is reshaping the energy, transportation, and innovation landscape.

Since 2009, our focus has been the development of advanced power monitoring platforms for medium and high voltage applications. We are committed to building high-performance, scalable, and elegant solutions to meet our customers’ sensing needs.