IsoBlock I-ZF

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Capteur de courant haute performance à flux nul
  • Ultra high performance with 0.1 and 0.02% accuracy.

  • Unipolar power supply

  • 3 Way Galvanic isolation

  • 1,500V sustained and 5,000V peak isolation

  • DC to 100kHz Bandwidth

  • Simple setup

  • Drop in Current Sensing to any DAQ

  • DIN rail fixturing for fast setup

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The IsoBlock I-ZF is a sensor designed for high-performance current measurements with ranges from 10A to 2000 Amperes. The IsoBlock I-ZF consists of 2 parts, a toroid and a DIN rail mounted conditioning unit. As all devices from the IsoBlock family it has an anti-aliasing filter and a conditioning stage to output a ±10V signal. The sensing unit uses Hall Effect with closed loop methodology to measure the current flowing in the conductor passing through the aperture. This is followed by translation, corrections, scaling and anti-aliasing filter in the conditioning unit.

Compact Form Factor

The compact form factor of the IsoBlock I-ZF module set allows users to setup high channel density monitoring systems, making it ideal for high performance compact systems.

Three-Way Galvanic Isolation

The IsoBlock I-ZF is a non-contact sensor that inherently provides primary-to-secondary isolation, which allows users to monitor a miscellaneous of currents at different potentials.