Voltage and Current Sensing for EV Charging Systems

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Verivolt offers voltage and current sensors used in several EV charger architectures. These sensors provide the precision, speed, isolation, and support for higher voltage required by the newest and upcoming EV charging system generations.

Voltage and Current Sensing for EV Charging Systems

Accurate Current and Voltage Sensing 

EV Charging companies are being challenged to overcome barriers of existing technologies with the goal of shortening charging times and increasing product safety. One of the critical aspects of this race is accurate current and voltage sensing as it is applied more often than ever on several architectures of EV Chargers.

Key Considerations 

Accurate and fast voltage and current sensing will allow designers to guarantee proper thermal management and effective implementation of their control strategies, impacting in safety. Key aspects to consider when selecting your sensors are: 

  • Measurement range 
  • Isolation 
  • Bandwidth


custom sensors

Verivolt designs and manufactures off-the-shelf and custom sensors that are currently used by EV charger companies in product design, implementation, validation, and test. We partner with designers, engineers and scientists understanding their needs and applying our transducer and precision measurement expertise to their design goals.

If you need to perform accurate measurements for voltage and current signals, visit our product selection pages at Voltage Sensors and Current Sensors or contact our specialists at sales@verivolt.com.